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* Based on 3m x 2.5m Lean To Metro Tiled Conservatory no base, Total Cash Price of £5,478.00, Deposit of £1,095.40, Term of 120 Months, 12.9% Representative APR, Total Repayable over 120 Months £8,700.00, Over repayments FOC, Protected by Consumer Credit Act 1974*

Tiled Conservatories

A sensible decision for any homeowner is to opt for a solid roof endorsed by authority building control services. In doing so, you improve your chances of receiving Building Regulations Approval. Both JHAI and Assent Building Control have acknowledged very few solid roofs, but our solid roof has their full backing. This is because they have recognised it as a safe and secure building product that meets their exceptionally high standards.

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DIY Tiled Conservatories Kits

A highly insulated, lightweight, timber solution

DIY tiled roofs for conservatory is designed for new installations or as a roof replacement for existing structures. This “warm roof” design was conceived through the use of a (patent granted) pod system.

These tiled roofs for conservatory feature a U-value of 0.14 and are finished off with lightweight tiles – which is available in a wide range of colours and seamlessly integrates with your home.

Regulation compliant

Every one of our DIY tiled roofs for conservatory are extensively tested. Thanks to our technicians’
careful design and engineering process, all structural and building regulations are met. Professionally
issued certificates ensure compliance and that they exceed the current Building Regulation
requirements. This ensures both structural and thermal performance for your conservatory and
wider living space.

Fast installation and minimal disruption

Each of our watertight pods are fabricated in our UK-based factory. However, when undertaking a 
tiled roof for conservatory replacement, we know speed is crucial for protecting your space and 
minimising disruptions. Fortunately, thanks to our speedy installations, the inside of your 
conservatory is exposed for as little as an hour. It’s also likely to be completed a day sooner than 
comparable aluminium systems. 


We have to say that we are really delighted with our Trade Price Conservatory. Both of you were really patient and helpful with all our questions before we ordered last September. We decided to have both the Durabase and the Conservatory erected by your fitter Phil, who came along on the appointed day in October. What a man. He worked like a Trojan for nearly 3 days in the most trying of conditions but never once lost his sense of humour and the quality of his work was just excellent.

Danny Yegna

First can I just say how pleased we are with our roof. You can really feel the temperature difference. Secondly, how impressed we were with the group of fitters, they worked very efficiently, and protected our furniture and flooring. The fitters mentioned sending you some photos? Which is the best email to send it too? And then I received your letter referencing the m&s vouchers which is a happy bonus!

Sarah Baker Parce

Great service and we absolutely love our new conservatory. Couldn't recommended Trade Price highly enough, thanks again.

Shaun Smith

Massive thank you to the Team at Tiled Conservatories, the service was brilliant from start to finish and Phil and the fitters were a pleasure to have around.

Trudy Griffin

The quality of their conservatories and especially the price cannot be beaten and everything they tell you always happens without having to chase them to get things done.

Amanda Burgess

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DIY Tiled Roofs for Conservatory

A highly insulated, lightweight, timber solution.

A conservatory is supposed to be an area for relaxation. However, those of us who have ever owned a conservatory understand the inherent frustration that comes with it. In the summer, the space can be too hot. Whereas wintertime feels almost impossible to retain heat and reach a comfortable temperature. Yet, you needn’t encounter this never-ending struggle. By reconsidering the roofs for conservatory and opting for a tiled roof for conservatory, you can make your space far more efficient than a fully glazed roof.

Our tiled roofs are beautiful, lightweight and fully insulated.

At Roofs for Conservatory, our principle is simple: offer folk a warmer life at the click of a button. All we ask for are the dimensions for your conservatory. Our specialist installers will remove your existing roof and replace it with a solid roof. Each of our high quality, thermally efficient roofs for conservatory are perfectly suited to clients’ homes. We tailor everything – from the finish to the tiles – to work in unison with your property. No matter your request, we can supply you with almost any appearance you want – whether it appears on our website or not. Better still, the entire process can take less than a week to achieve and is a brilliant alternative to other solutions – like costly extensions. But why should you opt for our range of roofs for conservatory?

5 Reasons to Opt for Our Roofs for Conservatory
– Retains much-needed warmth in those winter months
– Keeps conservatories cool during sweltering summers
– Enhances your homes overall energy efficiency
– Eliminates noise pollution like rain, wind and wildlife
– A safe and cosy escape from suburban or rural living

Astounding Aesthetics

Regardless of the conservatories style – Edwardian, Georgian, Victorian, Gable End or Lean To – we’ll replace its roof. Better yet, creating a friendly, warm and cosy space has never been so easy. Plus, for those who fear we’ll shut out the light, fret not. Roofs for Conservatory have a range of roof windows. This way, our clients’ benefit from improved usable space, lower energy bills and all the light they could ever want.

Sit back, relax and trust us to look after you and the finer details.

Unlike glazed conservatories, our tiled roofs for conservatory come in a variety of colour schemes. Opt for classic tones, something modern and distinct or seamlessly match it to the tiles of your home. The latter complements your existing space with a fluidity akin to an extension. Once your project is completed friends, family and guests will think you have spent a fortune on an extension. Yet, only you will know the reality; that you spent a modest amount of money replacing your roof with Roofs for Conservatory.

Remove the Reservations

When looking to replace your existing roofs for conservatory, you might wonder if you need planning permission. At Roofs for Conservatory, we’ll guide you through Planning Permission and Building Regulations. In the past, roofs needed to have a certain percentage of glazing to be exempt from planning. However, this is no longer the case, and we’re here to remove the worry with our expert guidance.

We’ll ensure you’ll have the necessary certifications.

Roofs for Conservatory works with you, your local council, and independent building inspectors. Planning permission is typically not required for roof replacements. Even so, we’ll ensure your conservatory had the necessary documentation in the first place. This way, you can rest easy knowing nothing was erected below the belt. That you have a building that’s not only safe and compliant with the latest building regulations but looks and feels good too.

Improved Insulation

Inappropriately insulated conservatories tend to straddle a fine line in the summer and wintertime. Yet, either way, inhospitable environments don’t sound like the greatest investment. After all, who wants to be caught between dialling up the heat in the winter to frazzling in a stuffy room come summer? No one, that’s who. It doesn’t make sense. But do you know what does? Roofs for Conservatory.

Maximise heat retention and minimise your energy bills.

At Roofs for Conservatory, our tiled roofs are designed to replace your old polycarbonate or glass roof. Multi-layered tiled roofs create a usable space all year round. Thanks to improved insulation, you benefit from reduced energy bills. There are many reasons to consider replacement roofs for conservatory. Yet, the best provide you with fantastic savings that will improve your living space in next to no time.

Optional Glazing

Tiled roofs are more known for their seamless aesthetics and insulation than they are known for their transparency. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flooding your conservatory with as much (or as little) natural light as you want. At Roofs for Conservatory, we can incorporate full-length glazing panels into your new roof.

You can still flood your conservatory with natural light.

Our team strategically place these to highlight particular features within the conservatory. The incorporation of glazing won’t affect the structural stability of our tiled roofs. Plus, they won’t prevent comfortable all year round temperatures either. This is because the high-performance glass limits temperature gain from the sun. It’s self-cleaning too, so you can keep your maintenance times low.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

During the colder months, conservatory spaces can sit dormant. Yet, investing a little more can secure you with a well-insulated space. At Roofs for Conservatory, you can expect nothing less than thermal efficiency from our goods. Our market-leading energy-efficient tiled roofs are perfect for dramatically lowering your energy costs.

Turn your unused conservatory into a beautifully warm and cosy nook.

In terms of thermal efficiency, they have low U-values of just 0.16 W/m2k. This indicates that the amount of heat lost through them is enviably low. Meaning you’ll never suffer from overheating. Of course, the less heat that’s lost, the more that remains inside the conservatory – and the less you spend on your heating bill!

Prevent Inconvenient Leaks and Condensation

Ordinarily, conservatories aren’t well ventilated and water vapour doesn’t have an escape route. Therefore, it can build up and cause damp issues. The solution to this temperature regulation but the heat from radiators can leak out of the same glazing that originated the issue. To minimise condensation, equalise the temperature by making it the same as your home with our tiled roofs for conservatory.

Ensure leaks and dampness won’t cause damage.

Unlike standard glazing – in which faults appear over time – tiled roofs for conservatory are somewhat more sophisticated. Whilst you might be tempted to repair it, a tiled roof offers a more stable roofing system that’s less prone to leakages and condensation. If you have an older conservatory and want to replace your conservatory roof, get in touch. Our extensive range gives you the ability to upgrade and improve any tired system.

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