Tiled Conservatory Roof

If you are looking to get a new conservatory or just to upgrade the roof on your current one. There is potential to add value to your home. A conservatory isn’t considered to be a functional living space it limits you to what value you can add to the property. But if you are able to turn the space into something that is functional, there is a potential that it could add value to your home. While there are no guarantees, you have a better chance of increasing value with a tiled roof.

The tiled roof comes with features and additions that you wouldn’t normally get with a traditional glass or polycarbonate roof. The tiled roof makes the area more habitable. In the winter the glass and polycarbonate conservatory roofs can be cold and feel like your stepping on ice cubes, then in the summer, it is sweltering. The tiled roof helps to regulate the temperatures as the insulation in the roof won’t let the heat out when you have the heating on and won’t let the heat in when the sun is beaming down onto it. It makes the conservatory a much better place to relax all year round. Not only does the tiled roof provide better efficiency but it also provides you with enhanced acoustics as well. The insulation won’t let the sound waves bounce off the roof and around the conservatory causing an echo.

With the tiled roof on your conservatory, you can turn the room into an office, dining room or whatever function you want it to serve. The tiled roof gives you endless possibilities. The roof will also give your home the opportunity to look amazing. Unlike the glass roofs, the tiled ones open up a range of interior and exterior styling options, to make your conservatory look the best it can be.

Tiled Conservatory Roof

More About Tiled Conservatory Roof

Our conservatories are all DIY and this means that you will be able to build the conservatory yourself with the help of our brilliant guides and instructions we will provide you with. Lots of our customers have taken on this challenge of building your own conservatory and they have said that it is a great experience and that they would do it all over again if they had the chance to. This is all possible because our conservatories are made using our brilliant pod systems. If you are looking to have your glass or polycarbonate roof replaced for a tiled one our team will be able to do this very quickly as speed is vital to protect your room and minimise disruption. Because the pods are fabricated in the factory we offer a solution that is installed and made watertight faster than any other roof system.

If you are interested in what we have to offer you please make sure you get in contact with us. You can also visit our factory to see all of the tiled roof conservatories for yourself.