Tiled Roof Conservatories


A tiled roof conservatory comes with many benefits, the most beneficial one is that it will save you money on your energy bill and therefore will help the environment. Another benefit that people don’t always know until they get one is that the acoustics improve, this is because of the roof soaks in all the sound, when normally it just bounces off the glass roof or polycarbonate. Your house will look amazing with any of our conservatories and the tiled roof just adds the finishing touches. Why not add skylights to enhance your natural light inside your conservatory. They are a brilliant compromise for people that want a tiled roof but still wants the natural light benefits of a glass roof.

These roofs are also very stable and have been tested in extreme conditions. You will also receive a 10-year guarantee when the roof is installed. It doesn’t matter what type of conservatory you put it on you will get the same benefits from it you could have a p-shape or a lean-to. The conservatory will also add value to your house even more so with the tiled roof, the tiled roof will add a better energy rating for your house and that boosts the value up a nice little bit.

You can get into contact with us and we can tell you everything you want to know. You can also come to see our factory and see our range of tiled conservatories.

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