Why Use Us?

Tiled Conservatories

Why do I need a Tiled Conservatories?

• Is your Conservatory unusable for parts of the year?

• Too hot to use in the summer yet too expensive to keep cool?

• Too cold to use in winter, too expensive to heat?

• Too bright to allow you to relax, read a book or watch TV?

• Are your furnishings fading in the sun?

• Too loud to hear yourself think or talk when it rains?

• No privacy when the lights are on in the evening?

The Tiled Conservatories is ‘The Roof for All Seasons’.

Year round comfort & use:

With the Tiled Conservatories solid roof you will enhance your enjoyment of your conservatory. This
tiled and highly insulated roof will keep your room cosy and warm in winter yet
cool and comfortable in summer.

Rediscover your room:

Whether it is being able to use it in comfort, when it rains or in the evening,
without feeling the neighbours can see your every move, a solid roof will allow
you to regain personal space, be it for dining, entertaining, playing, relaxing or
simply daydreaming.

Traditional quality

We only use structural grade timber, the very same wood traditionally used for
housing, and still the number one roofing product of choice in new build homes.

Thermal performance

Wood outperforms metal structures such as aluminium or steel when it comes to
thermal efficiency. It is not a thermal conductor and less likely to condensate.

Fast installation and minimal disruption

When carrying out a roof replacement speed is vital to protect your room and
minimise disruption. Because the pods are fabricated in the factory we
offer a solution that is installed and made watertight faster than any other roof

Typically the inside of your conservatory could be exposed for as little as
an hour and your finished installation is likely to take a day less than comparable
aluminium systems.

Low energy costs

The solid roof is at least 5 times more energy efficient than traditional glazed
conservatory roofs. So not only will you be able to once again enjoy your room but
its efficiency might just help you save money on your energy bills too.